[Marxism] March 17 and ANSWER's Ultraleftism

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   Let's deal with the real world here. ANSWER's call to "End Colonial  
Occupation: Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, & everywhere" as one of the  
central slogans of the call for the march totally undermines the  
effort to build a broad united front to bring the troops home now.

   As anyone that has been active in the antiwar movement knows  
ANSWER'a call to "end the occupation of Palestine" is not for Israeli  
withdrawl fom the West Bank and Gaza, it is for the dissolution of the  
Israeli state. Most americans who support the US getting out of Iraq  
do not support this demand and to insist on this being part of the  
March 17 call totally undermines it becoming a broad united front  
action that can mobilize the real potential of the antiwar movement.

   We should be seeking to accentuate the real divisions in the ruling  
class over this war the way that the SMC and NPAC did during the  
Vietman War. But just as the Workers World Party was against having  
Democratic Party politicians participating in the antiwar  
mobilizations then, even violently assaulting the stage at many  
rallies in an attempt to prevent it, so they are opposed to building  
those kind of broad mobilizations today. Making the anti-Israeli  
slogans a central demand of the march is an easy way to keep the march  
pure of Democratic Party participation without saying so.  
Unfortunately it also excludeds most of the and trade union movement  
and Jewish community as well.

   Least anyone should accuse me of wanting to exclude paricipation of  
marchers and organizations with anti-Israeli slogans that is not what  
I am saying at all. I myself am the co-chair of a group called JADA,  
the Jewish Arab Dialogue Associaton, here in South Florida, and both I  
and my Palestinan counterpart have spoken frequently at antiwar  
rallies here criticizing Israeli policies. Many times some marchers  
cary Palestinian flags and have anti-Israeli signs, but the resolving  
the issue of Israel / Palestine is not one of the demands of our  
coalition precisly because it is so devisive in the antiwar movement.  
Those on this list that want to ingnore this fact are just practicing  
the same kind of destructive ultraleft antics that were so disasterous  
when pacticed by the same political current during the anti Vietnam  
War movement. As the old saying goes, " those who do not learn from  
history are bound to repeat it"
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   Let's deal with the real world here. ANSWER's call for an end to

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