[Marxism] March 17 and ANSWER's Ultraleftism

cleon42 at yahoo.com cleon42 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 04:41:03 MST 2007

--- jollyjack at riseup.net wrote:

>    Let's deal with the real world here. ANSWER's call to "End
> Colonial  
> Occupation: Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, & everywhere" as one of the  
> central slogans of the call for the march totally undermines the  
> effort to build a broad united front to bring the troops home now.

The evidence for this "reality" seems to be somewhat lacking, given
that ANSWER has had no problem organizing demonstrations numbering just
as highly--in fact, often higher--than UFPJ-organized demonstrations.

>    As anyone that has been active in the antiwar movement knows  
> ANSWER'a call to "end the occupation of Palestine" is not for Israeli
> withdrawl fom the West Bank and Gaza, it is for the dissolution of
> the  
> Israeli state.

So the issue isn't what ANSWER *actually* says, it's what you decide
they really *mean*.

>    We should be seeking to accentuate the real divisions in the
> ruling  
> class over this war the way that the SMC and NPAC did during the  
> Vietman War. But just as the Workers World Party was against having  
> Democratic Party politicians participating in the antiwar  
> mobilizations then, even violently assaulting the stage at many  
> rallies in an attempt to prevent it, so they are opposed to building 
> those kind of broad mobilizations today.

For someone who starts a post with "let's deal with the real world,
here," you sure seem to be hostile to reality where it interferes with
your hatred of WWP, ANSWER, and TONC.

Name me one rally ANSWER has organized that has NOT involved Democratic
Party politicians. Just one. At every ANSWER/TONC-organized
demonstration I've been to, there has been a plethora of liberal
Democrats--Cynthia McKinney, John Lewis, Jesse Jackson, the list goes
on. Accusing them of being "opposed to building those kinds of broad
mobilizations" just doesn't stand up to the facts of the matter.

> Making the anti-Israeli  
> slogans a central demand of the march is an easy way to keep the
> march  
> pure of Democratic Party participation without saying so.  

Then why the hell do they keep participating?

> Unfortunately it also excludeds most of the and trade union movement 
> and Jewish community as well.

Again, there has been strong Union and Jewish participation at every
ANSWER/TONC-organized demonstration I've been to.

Indeed, let's deal with the real world. When you join it, rather than
blindly lambast ANSWER/TONC for actually recognizing the links between
Iraq, Palestine, and US imperialism in general, kindly let us know.


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