[Marxism] Musings of a naive idiot (ANSWER's Ultraleftism -Why isn't UFPJ supporting theMarch on the Pentagon?)

Jeffrey Thomas Piercy, El Pato Comunista mqduck at sonic.net
Mon Feb 19 10:45:47 MST 2007

The UFPJ tries to sabotage ANSWER. The folks behind ANSWER can't get 
along so they not only break up but refuse to be in the same coalition. 
I've met the people behind the current ANSWER, what is now I guess the 
Party for Socialism and Liberation. They're smart. They're not idiots. 
But it seems like they and their UFPJ and TON counterparts have the 
maturity of children.

I understand the ideological differences, I really do (well, not between 
ANSWER and TON...). But would someone like to explain to me this total 
lack of professionalism in these professional revolutionaries? Is it 
really just childish competition? Or, oppositely, is it some sort of 
bureaucratic separation from fucking reality? Has the UFPJ become simply 
a Democratic Party front?

Sorry for yet another rant. The question that's increasingly coming to 
my mind I think is "What is the motive behind these aging 60s radicals?" 
I increasingly get the feeling that the motive is confused due to a lack 
of any real feeling personal investment. They never truly felt that they 
were fighting for their own interests. Maybe their interest in not being 
drafted, but that's ancient history.

You know, renegades in my generation pretty much as a rule grow up 
admiring the 60s. I try to remind my peers that the 60s eventually 
became today; that the future can be even brighter. It doesn't usually work.

I seriously apologize again for the rant. My mind is just confused 
lately and I hope it'll be helpful to share.


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