[Marxism] Musings of a naive idiot (ANSWER's Ultraleftism -Why isn't UFPJ supporting theMarch on the Pentagon?)

cleon42 at yahoo.com cleon42 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 19 11:19:12 MST 2007

In the midst of all this, I think it's worth pointing out a couple of

1. This is not about Palestine; UFPJ was (eventually) forced to pick up
the issue of Palestine, and in fact they are organizing a demonstration
in Washington this summer around that very topic. So this bit about how
it's a "laundry list" versus "out now" is not factually accurate. (Even
if it were, it's not even a good excuse for UFPJ's actions, IMO.)

2. ANSWER, TONC, and allied forced worked their ASSES off to build the
January 20 demonstration, nationally as well as locally. For all the
crap they get, they've been admirably nonsectarian about building the
anti-war movement. In exchange, UFPJ has declared that they refuse to
work with them, and is actively trying to sabotage ANSWER's action in
March. *Whatever* you think of the politics, individuals, or
organizations involved, that sort of crap should not be tolerated by
any serious activist.


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