[Marxism] March 17 and ANSWER's Ultraleftism

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Mon Feb 19 19:43:15 MST 2007

As an observer from outside of the United States it is clear to me that that the "leadership" of the anti-war movement there is shambolic and an utter block to the advancement of that movement.  With UFPJ and ANSWER liberal idiocy and ultraleft idiocy reign supreme (respectively).  UFPJ is obsessed with getting Democrat politicians and movie actors on its platforms (are there ANY public figures that the American populace is interested in hearing from on these issues besides actors?)  On the other-hand ANSWER is a godsend for the ruling class.  "Join our protest against the war (but only if you oppose US imperialism and Israel)!"
  Really I don't blame UFPJ for wanting to sabotage ANSWER (even more than I don't blame ANSWER for wanting to sabotage UFPJ).  It is scary that the following actually needs to be said:  "The best way to mobalise people against the war is to mobalise people against the war."  Hardly rocket science, is it?  In this context the most anti-imperialist broad demand for the anti-war mobilisations is "Troops out now!" (or some formation that is equivelent).
  The explicit goal of the broad anti-war movement should be, must be, to attempt to mobilise EVERYONE who opposes it, including those who supported Gulf War no. 1, including those who supported the 2003 invasion (previously), including those who support the so-called "war on terror", or support the general line of American foreign policy since... forever, and including those who Israel's existance as an exclusively Jewish state etc, etc.
  What the ruling class doesn't want is all these people, ie the majority of American citizens, to start turning up at anti-war demo's en mass.
  How can these people be mobilised most effectively if the demo's platform specifically excludes them in one way or another?
  Everyone can bring their own placards that raise any other demands they like.  It doesn't mean *not talking* about US imperialism, it doesn't mean not raising the Israel issue from the podium.
  But the overall demands should be "Troops out now!" - - (and maybe, if broad agreement is reached) "Impeach President Bush now!"
  Rohan G

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