[Marxism] March 17 and ANSWER's Ultraleftism

Sherri Andrews mesherri at pobox.com
Mon Feb 19 21:14:45 MST 2007

I hope you all don't mind my stepping briefly out of the shadows of lurkdom
to weigh in here, but I can't help myself! And if any of the following
strikes you as hopelessly naive, please forgive that too.

Indeed -- where the rubber meets the road is the question of just how to get
'these people' out of their houses and into the street. Those who will make
their decision on whether to attend or not based on the 'laundry list' are
outside of this discussion, as I see it. I understand the concern about that
issue, I have it myself, but I suppose it's true that only people who are
fairly extreme ideologues will be not show based on the add'l platform
issues of an organizing group.

That said... what next? I'm so frustrated talking about all the reasons that
people might not show up, without having any good ideas about how to turn
that around! This is not intended as criticism -- I'm speaking as much for
myself as anyone else.

But there must be something short of literal disaster to mobilize people...
mustn't there? I ask this fully cognizant of the fact that, alas, there
might not be... though I refuse to give up hope!


On 2/19/07, Carrol Cox <cbcox at ilstu.edu> wrote:
> Actually, quite easily -- because the vast majority of them don't give a
> fuck what the official slogans are for the demo or who sponsors it or
> what the speakers say. All they are interested in is that in some
> general way the demo is against the war. This doesn't settle the debate
> going on here, but it is really beside the point to worry about whether
> this or that feature of the demo will interfere with mobilizing "these
> people." All the worry about "laundry list" vs "single issue" is of
> interest only to people on committees organizing the demo, not to the
> people who turn out for it.
> Carrol

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