[Marxism] White House Press officer claims opponents of attack are "trying to protect Iran"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Feb 20 04:27:12 MST 2007

Of course, it shows the moral depravity of  US capitalist politics that
"trying to protect Iran" from a brutal, possibly nuclear, attack would be
considered an offense - and accepted by almost all participants in the
official debate as such. 


However, Snow's charge is itself evidence that the administration is
basically committed to attacking Iran IF POSSIBLE, and that they are
inclined to take a highly optimisticl view of the possibility.


The destruction of a rebellious subject and potential rival nation is
obviously ever in their thoughts.



Snow: Politicians Warning Of Iran War 'May Be Trying To Protect Iran'


Today on CNN, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow claimed that members of
Congress who have warned about the possibility of a military strike against
Iran may be "trying to protect Iran." Watch it: 


Numerous military and regional experts agree that there is no military
solution for Iran. They say it would be "disastrous for the United States,"
"empower reactionaries [in Iran] and validate their pro-nuclear argument,"
and "usher in chaos and instability." None of them are trying to "protect
Iran." Tony Snow's hysterical rhetoric is false. 




BLITZER: Is that true? Are you getting ready for war with Iran? 


SNOW: No. And furthermore, I - Wolf, I am at a total loss to find any place
where this administration has been trying to, quote, "create a run-up with a
war on Iran." It is interesting to me that it seems that some politicians
maybe are trying to protect Iran.


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