[Marxism] White House Press officer claims opponents of attack are "trying to protect Iran"

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Feb 20 14:24:12 MST 2007

I mucked up an email yesterday on Fred's latest posts.  But from memory I made the following points.  

Firstly on the Wallerstein speculation about an anti-Bush coup. There  will be no coup against the Bush cabal.  No one in the Pentagon is going to ride in a white charger and save us from these desperadoes.  If there is a coup, it will be led by Cheney.

Secondly my reading of the Iraq situation is that to ensure defeat of the Sunni Resistance the invaders had to form an alliance with the Shia.  That opened up the possibility of extending Shiite Iran's influence over a good section of the oil producing area. This is a consequence of the Iraq invasion that was not intended and not wanted and not to be tolerated.  The only solution is to destroy Iran.

I am still inclined to think that Iran will be attacked and soon.  I know that Stan Goff has pointed out that we lose credibility every time we talk of an attack that does not eventuate. It is impossible to predict the full consequences of such an attack.  I saw in Youtube Galloway's brilliant speech in the House of Commons when he predicted that if one finger was laid against Iran, the Iraqi Shia would rise up against the invaders.   Perhaps.  Certainly that is what Iran will surely try to bring about.  But I suspect that al-Hakim and al-Maliki represent that section of the Shi which has gone all the way with the USA. So I do not think an anti-American  Shia uprising in the south of Iraq is an absolute certainty. 

Similarly the Iranians with their closetted support for the Americans have done a great deal to isolate themselves from potential sympathisers among the Arabs. A reading of Tony Sayegh's blog at <palestinianpundit.blogspot> will bear that out.

Yet if the attack on Iran is not an immediate disaster, it will nevertheless in the medium to long term prove an even greater mistake than the original invasion of Iraq. It will demonstrate fully that the only option that the American government stands for is total and absolute destruction of humanity.  That will be a long way from the Cold War when they could successfully pose as the bastion of freedom against Soviet tyranny. 

The destruction of Iran will demonstrate decisively that when people like Fred speak of "the Moral depravity of US capitalist politics", he is deploying exactly the right phrase to describe their position.

In the end it is this total loss of the moral high ground that will prove decisive.



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