[Marxism] ANSWER and TONC actions in Washington are not the same

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Feb 21 05:05:45 MST 2007


Bill Massey of  the Party of Socialism and Liberation, which supports
ANSWER, left me two phone messages yesterday.

His main points were Answer and TONC are two distinct political entities.


ANSWER called the demonstration at the Pentagon earlier.  TONC called a
demonstration at Congress to take place at the same time. 


The TONC people decided reluctantly, Massey told me, to support the Pentagon
demonstration, but without any negotiations with 

ANSWER but retained their position of staying until Congress ends spending
for the war, which is not ANSWER's call.

And all those demands listed are not demands that ANSWER is raising.  Those
are the demands that TONC listed. So ANSWER is not calling for "forcing"
Congress to stop the war, or promising "direct action" and going beyond
"protest to resistance" and so forth.


In his opinion, the Pentagon protest is growing quite rapidly and is
probably reaching what he called a critical mass. Many cities are involved.
He thinks it will be pretty large.


The UFPJ action is probably not on the same date, I am glad to say, only
because it doesn't make sense to challenge the priority of the St. Patrick's
Day in New York City (and the various protests and left contingents that
show up there). Everyone should protest in the way they prefer, it seems to
me, and the more, the merrier.


(In addition, Bill wanted to know how to send an expression of solidarity to
Peter Camejo in his fight against cancer.  I realize I don't have Camejo's
email address.  Someone could send me that privately or, if appropriate, on
the list, since many list members would want to solidarize with Peter in his
latest militant fight.).

Fred Feldman


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