[Marxism] Accumulation in NZ - ps

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 22 14:42:27 MST 2007

Oops, forgot the last part of Dave's post:

On the banks:
You made this argument a couple of years ago on a NZ list and one of our
comrades, Daphna Whitmore, showed how there were a whole number of
NZ-owned banks back in the 1800s.

Phil earlier:
>>Anyway, if NZ really were a semi-colony, it seems odd that Dave isn't
trying to build a national liberation movement or supporting NZ
nationalism as having a 'progressive' (anti-imperialist) component.  So,
in fact, Dave's practice is different from his "theory".

>NZ nationalism is racist but not imperialist. In the event of a US or 
Australian invasion of NZ (for beachfront properties or ranches)
we would be defensist.  We would not give up our baches or local beer 
without a fight. 

Which shows the thoroughly reactionary political consequences of your

In fact, if NZ were a semi-colony it would be principled of you to make
a tactical alliance - one of your famous "military blocs"! - with
sections of the NZ bourgeoisie against foreign imperialists.  So why so
shy, why not come and out say that you would make an alliance with NZ
capitalists in this situation. 

>However, in putting up a resistance we would not
put our future in the hands of the NZ ruling class, since they have
proven that they will sell the America's Cup to Switzerland and our best
young men to the NRL or to Adidas.  Only a resistance solidly located in
the hearts and minds of the working class will allow NZ to both keep
hold of its prized economic and cultural icons, but also let us do so in
a Socialist Aotearoa which is part of a Socialist Austral-Asian rugby

Ah yes, let's all rally round "NZ Cultural Icons".

Dave, you are a NZ left-nationalist and Labour supporter.  You picked up
the left nationalism from Owen Gager, and you try to buttress it and
your Vote Labour politics with a Marxist veneer.  But it ain't working.
In 30 years you haven't managed to build anything in NZ around such
politics, and you never will - because your theory simply doesn't match
the reality of NZ capitalist society and its development.


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