[Marxism] NYT: One Immigrant Family’s Hopes Lead to a Jail Cell Suicide

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February 23, 2007
One Immigrant Family's Hopes Lead to a Jail Cell Suicide

New York Times


"This guy did not want to go back," said Benjamin Feldman, a spokesman
for the county sheriff's office, which houses immigration detainees
from New York under contract with the federal government. He called
Mr. Romero "a reputed gang member" and said he might have feared
revenge in El Salvador.

A closer look, though, reveals a different and more complicated
picture of Nery Romero's short life and unusual death. It raises
questions about his treatment in the jail, where the family and other
inmates say he spent days crying out for painkillers that he never
received. [...]

"I'm in hell," Mr. Romero wrote his family from the jail in a letter
delivered after his death. "I'm like a dog in here. I don't get
nothing for my pain. I think that I'm going to sign my deportation

Full: <http://www.nytimes.com/2007/02/23/nyregion/23suicide.html>

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