[Marxism] British Historian Asa Briggs: Cuba's Resistance is Admirable

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Sat Feb 24 06:58:06 MST 2007

February 23, 2007

Cuba's Resistance is Admirable, Says British Historian
Roberto Hernandez

British historian Asa Briggs said in Havana on Thursday that Cuba's
resistance to nearly a half century of US hostility represents an
important and admirable political act that deserves the respect of

"It is admirable how [Cuba] has been able to confront the United
States," Briggs told reporters during a brief visit to Cuba.

Briggs told Prensa Latina that this, his second visit to Cuba, was
important to him. Although he added that one doesn't need to be in
Cuba to express interest in what happens here. "I visit Cuba at an
interesting time [.] I always wanted to return, but it took me too
long to do so. I know that upon returning to Great Britain, the media
and my friends will want me to tell them about my experiences,
because all eyes are set on Cuba at present.'

Asa Briggs, 85, was born was born in Keighley, Yorkshire and was the
rector of Worcester College, in Oxford, and of the Open University.
He won the Wolfson History Award in 2000. He has been honored with
the establishment of the Briggs History Award, coming from a
foundation that bears his name.

He is the author of many books including Modern Europe 1789-1989
(2000), A Social History of England (1995) and The Age of
Improvement, 1783-1867, A Social History of the Communications Media:
>From Gutenberg to Internet (2002) which he wrote along with Peter

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