[Marxism] Felix Morrow on religion

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Sat Feb 24 08:11:47 MST 2007

On Sat, 24 Feb 2007 09:48:23 -0500 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> writes:

> The measure of direct control of the churches, therefore, is not a 
> sufficient index to their capitalist loyalty. Nor is their relation 
> to the state. The political privileges of the churches, their 
> freedom 
> from taxation, their right to conduct religious schools or teach 
> religion in the public schools, blasphemy and Sunday laws, religious 
> propaganda in the armed forces and legislatures, etc, are also not 
> the most significant revelations of the capitalist role of the 
> churches. The fact is that formal separation of church and state, 
> like the formal appearance of impartiality assumed by capitalist 
> 'democracy', is the most efficient form under which the churches can 
> function in the interests of capitalism. An established church is 
> suspect even by scarcely class-conscious workers. Under the slogan 
> of 
> freedom from state domination, the church performs its best work for 
> capitalism.

Alexis Tocqueville made similar observations concerning the
role of religion in the US over 160 years ago, and he noted how
the separation of church from state helped to enhance religion's
hold on the American people.

> full: 
> http://www.workersaction.org.uk/23Articles/23Morrow&Religion.htm 

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