[Marxism] Accumulation in NZ

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 25 00:25:02 MST 2007

Dave Brownz:
  Just drawing out the logic of NZ as semi-colony under attack from 
imperialism.  By local Chavistas I mean left populists who revive the economic 
nationalism of the not too distant past (the Muldoon years) under 
pressure from below. Their is a strong nationalist sentiment in the NZ working 
class.  Hilarious, I don't think so.

  A feature of logical reasoning is that it is possible to set up all maner of internally consistent - or apparently internally consistent - explanations for phenomona that do not correspond to realty as a complete system.  In such situation there is invariably a flaw somewhere in the logic pathway, but this flaw is often hidden to the thinker.  By "drawing out the logic of NZ as semi-colony under attack from imperialism", you reach conclusions that are ludicrous.  
  Hilarious, very much so.

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