[Marxism] IRAQ: Three Women Condemned to the Gallows

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 25 04:38:40 MST 2007

Three Women Condemned to the Gallows

By: Juana Carrasco Martin
2007-02-21 | 11:51:31 EST

Imprisoned women and children ask for mercy from behind bars.

News of three women to be hung in Iraq was provided by the website
iraqsolidaridad.org. Almost no other news agency has said a word
about this, let alone the corporate news services. In any case, they
will say it is not important - three Iraqi women being condemned to
die on the gallows for resisting foreign occupation.

The Criminal Central Court of Iraq (CCCI) handed down sentences on
August 31, 2006 against Wassan Talib, 31, and Zeynab Fadil, 25. The
third woman condemned to death -Liqa Qamar, also 25- was sentenced on
February 6, 2006. The execution of these three young women is
scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 3.

Wassan Talib denies being behind the deaths of five Iraqi security
force troops. The soldiers died during an armed attack in 2005
against a security facility in Hayat al-Furatl, a neighborhood in

Zeynab Fadil insists that she was not in Iraq when the events
occurred for which she, her husband and cousin are accused. She was
convicted for an attack on a patrol of National Guard and US troops
in Baghdad.

Liqa Qamar faces hanging for allegedly taking part in that same 2005
action, along with her husband and brother for the kidnapping and
subsequent murder of a senior official in the Green Zone, the high
security area in Baghdad.

Both Zeynab and Liqa are with their children in the Kadimiya prison;
the former with her three-year-old daughter, and the latter with her
one-year-old daughter, who was born in the jail.

An Iraqi Lawyers Union attorney, Salid Hayali, asserts that none of
the three women were provided counsel, since the court cited that
they had committed crimes of national security.

Those who think that Saddam Hussein and two of his closest
collaborators have been the only ones hung in Iraq should know that
since Iraq's restoration of the death penalty, in August 2004,
sixty-five people have been executed, according to
iraqsolidaridad.org website (in Spanish).

The Times magazine published an article on November 12, 2006 titled
The Secrets of Iraq's Death Row, where the number of executions was
placed in 90, according to an anonymous official from the prime
minister's office. The article even reveals that between December
2005 and March 2006 there were secret executions for three days in a

The hangings take place in an extremely fortified facility built by a
US contractor in Baghdad. The names of the majority of those executed
have never been published.

The most recent report by the United Nations concerning human rights
in Iraq reveals that there are presently 31,000 prisoners in the
jails of the current Iraqi authorities, and that at least 2,000 women
are imprisoned for "security reasons," where they are being held in
the jails of both the Iraqi government and those of the occupation

Most of the women in jail are in the Women's Prison in Kadamiya, in
the north of the town close Tigris River. Nobody knows if the scenes
of Abu Grahib and its scenes of torture are being repeated there. All
in all, this is part of a system of global detention established
throughout the world by the Pentagon and the CIA for those they call
"enemy combatants," a secret universe from which Iraqi women are not

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