[Marxism] RE: Cuba Boots Reporters

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Feb 25 13:15:41 MST 2007

John O'Brien wrote:

>Walter Lippmann in his recent writing, implied that Cuba is the only 
>country in the world, that has a foreign military base on it?

Actually, Walter said, "Cuba is the only country on the planet where 
military base belonging to a hostile foreign power which is publicly 
committed to the overthrow of Cuba's government and the social system 
which it represents continues to illegally occupy national soil."

Whatever else you want to say about Hawaii and the other instances 
you cite, they are certainly not socialist. In fact, Guantanamo Bay 
became a base in the same exact way that Pearl Harbor became a 
base--through a colonial power enforcing its rule through superior 
military power. That is what makes the continuing presence of 
Guantanamo Bay so outrageous. It completely ignores the will of the 
government in power to control its own territory.

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