[Marxism] RE: Cuba Boots Reporters

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Feb 25 17:27:18 MST 2007


>Are you saying that the continuing military base occupation of 
>Gibraltar by Britain, against the wishes of the Spanish government, 
>that I cited in my response, is not also outrageous - and only the 
>Guantanamo base is - because of an economic system in Cuba - rather 
>than the point I was making about self determination? I assume not - 
>and do not want to imply you are, as you do with some of my writings 
>on this List!

No, I simply was saying that Walter specified that two different 
social systems were involved. Capitalism (USA) and socialism (Cuba). 
You obviously read too fast to discern this. My advice to you is to 
slow down and also to be less strident. You are really getting very tiresome. 

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