[Marxism] RE: Cuba Boots Reporters

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 25 20:56:31 MST 2007

Cuba is the only country on the planet where a military base which is
hostile to the national government and which is actively working to
overthrow the national government continues to occupy national soil. 

The British in Northern Ireland aren't trying to overthrow the government
there. They SUPPORT the government there. Cuba isn't the only country in the
world, but it is the one I'm working in and the one which I know best. 
The government of Hawaii isn't threatened by the U.S. base. It supports its
maintenance. The government of Puerto Rico does not object to the U.S. base,
either. The Spanish government, to my knowledge, has not demanded that the
British get out of Gibraltar. Tibet doesn't have an independent government,
it's rather a province of China. Some individuals don't accept that, but
something like every single government in the world recognizes China, except
the Taiwan regime. 

The British are NOT trying to overthrow the government on the Malvinas (not
the Falkland) islands, which the British, after all, installed on the

John O'Brien should read more carefully. I don't mind people disagreeing on
specific issues, but it's more useful if we focus our differences on real
issues, not bogus ones, in my opinion.

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba
WALTER LIPPMANN previously wrote, quite precisely
>Cuba is the only country on the planet where military base belonging
>to a hostile foreign power which is publicly committed to the
>overthrow of Cuba's government and the social system which it
>represents continues to illegally occupy national soil. This leads
>Cuba to sometimes have what I like to call a paranoid political
>style. But it is completely understandable under the circumstances.

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