[Marxism] Peace and Freedom Party Presidential Search Letter

John Crockford john at crockford.org
Tue Feb 27 08:52:20 MST 2007

I am posting this as an item of possible interest to the subscribers of 
this listserv.

John Crockford
Fresno County Chair
Peace and Freedom Party


Peace and Freedom Party
Debra Reiger, State Chair
5960 South Land Park Drive #385
Sacramento, California 95822
(916) 698-8131  pfp.debra at earthlink.net
20 January 2007

Dear friends,

The Peace and Freedom Party is planning for the 2008 election.  We will 
be considering candidates for President and Vice President of the 
United States.  We hope to work with like-minded groups and individual 
activists around the country in this effort.

The Peace and Freedom Party is ballot-qualified in California, which 
has over 10% of the U.S. electorate.  We are considering obtaining 
ballot status in some other states, and would like to work together 
with left groups that presently maintain ballot status elsewhere.  We 
offer voters a broad left perspective that is non-sectarian, but 
specifically socialist.  Our party's platform puts forward proposals 
for both long-term change and immediate reforms, all intended to 
benefit working people.  In addition to participating in elections, our 
activists are working for peace, against racism, in defense of civil 
rights and liberties, for union representation and stronger democratic 
unions, for the needs of working-class families, and for defense of the 
environment from the ravages of capitalism.

We would like to connect with other parties and groups that agree 
substantially with our platform and are considering mounting or 
supporting an independent Presidential campaign, in other states or in 
California.  If your group has specific proposals for candidates we 
would like to hear from you or from the candidates themselves.

Prospective candidates must meet constitutional requirements, be 
willing to run on the Peace and Freedom Party platform, and be willing 
and able to campaign in California and other states during much of 
2008.  If you are interested in getting further information, please 
contact our National Campaign Committee, of which I am the chair.  If 
you know someone who might be a good left candidate for President or 
Vice President, please encourage that person to send a candidacy 
proposal letter to the Peace and Freedom Party at my address above.  
While an earlier response would be helpful, the last day for submission 
of candidate names is June 30, 2007.

If you or a group in which you are working are interested in becoming 
active in the Peace and Freedom Party's campaign in 2008, please let me 
know.  The working people of the United States need real 
representation, and it is quite clear that neither Republicans nor 
Democrats will provide it.  Please help.

Debra Reiger,
California State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party

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