[Marxism] RE: Cuba Boots Reporters - I support Hugo Chavez

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Feb 27 13:53:59 MST 2007

Jesse Bailey:
>I think it would benefit us all if you made it clear what those p's and 
>q's are,
>Louis. His email is perfectly reasonable, and I, for one, agree with every
>word. I do not think he is being slippery or evasive, he stated quite clearly
>that he does not agree with the undemocratic nature of many of Cuba's
>decisions, and that he was not (or was no longer) arguing about the
>deportations of the "reporters."

Walter Lippmann wrote about Cuba "booting" some reporters and O'Brien 
follows up immediately with a comment on Cuban censorship. Maybe he was 
referring to the reporters or maybe he was referring to the fact that you 
can't buy the Weekly Standard at magazine shops all around Cuba. The point, 
however, is that this is exactly what I am cracking down on. We don't need 
to waste 1000 subscribers time with trying to figure out what he was 
referring to, especially when it is so vitriolic.

>He was concerned, rather, with the way homophobia is institutionalized in 

Unfortunately, he has never responded to counter-indications about the 
massive changes taking place in Cuba, which are acknowledged by the 
bourgeois press. We can't waste time here with debates with people who 
refuse to respond to counter-indications.

>If these are the p's and q's - which was the argument of the email that drew
>from you the terrifying threat of removal from the list - then we have to
>assume that either: 1. You are a homophobe, or 2. You cannot stand anyone
>saying anythign that criticizes Cuba. I would just hate to get unsubbed 'at
>some point' so which is it?

If you or O'Brien feel a need to put the Cuban government on the dock, this 
might not be the best mailing list for you. As I advised you once before, 
there are mailing lists that are much more wide open--starting with Green 
Left on yahoo. There you have daily diatribes about one Stalinist dictator 
or another. I am not interested in that sort of thing here, however.



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