[Marxism] accumulation in NZ - further

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Feb 27 14:00:10 MST 2007

Dave in reply to Rohan:
>Just drawing out the logic of NZ as semi-colony under attack from 
imperialism.  By local Chavistas I mean left populists who revive the
economic nationalism of the not too distant past (the Muldoon years)
pressure from below. Their is a strong nationalist sentiment in the NZ
working class.  Hilarious, I don't think so.

For people on this list not familiar with Dave, at any one time Dave is
in a mass of military blocs with people all over the world - all of them
people who have never heard of Dave or his wee group.

Dave's paper is full of articles that contain ten-point platforms at the
end, all with exclamation marks.

The articles delineate the way forward in the Congo, the way forward in
Venezuela, the way forward everywhere.

The articles are also full of references to Dave's group being in
military blocs with all and sundry from Laurent Kabila to the PLO to the
IRA to Chavez.

Oddly, in about 35 years, commandante Dave has never managed to build
anything in NZ.

Instead of critically reflecting on why this is and that maybe he has a
few things wrong - like his analysis of NZ as a semi-colony and his vote
Labour politics (revolution now everywhere else, but vote Labour in
NZ!!!) - Dave just sticks to his guns (well, the literary ones anyway).

Yes, there is a strong nationalist sentiment in the NZ working class.
This is a negative not a positive. 



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