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>From Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, Feb. 28, 2007
By Jack A. Smith 
The U.S. antiwar movement and the impeachment movement are becoming
entwined, just in time for the March 17 peace rally at the Pentagon.
Last week, some of the leading liberal/progressive organizations in America
joined  in a new coalition named Impeach07, the purpose being to ³launch a
new campaign to pursue the immediate impeachment of George Bush and Dick
Cheney through widespread public protest, creative dissent, media activism,
education, and coordinated lobbying.
Impeach07¹s first order of business was to back the upcoming peace
demonstration in the nation¹s capital with the slogan, ³Impeach Bush! End
the War Now! March on the Pentagon, March 17.² Former Attorney General
Ramsey Clark, who helped inspire the anti-Bush impeachment drive at the huge
January 2003 antiwar protest in Washington, will be a main speaker at the
Pentagon event.
According to Cindy Sheehan, founder of Gold Star Families for Peace and also
a speaker at the Pentagon rally, "The Impeach07 campaign represents an
important alliance of the peace movement with those that support
impeachment. Congress's refusal to impeach Bush and Cheney for the lies that
got us into Iraq has perpetuated an illegal war that has already cost the
lives of my son Casey and 3,146 other Americans and hundreds of thousands of
Iraqis. By turning a blind eye they have laid the groundwork for the Bush
administration to lie us into a whole new war with Iran, which they are
obviously trying to do."
The ANSWER coalition, which is organizing the March 17 rallies and march,
announced last night that it had prevailed over the Virginia Transportation
Department¹s effort to charge an outrageously large fee to permit the
marchers to cross 100 yards of highway under its jurisdiction en route to
the headquarters of the Defense Department.
The coalition announced: ³The free speech battle with the State of Virginia
has been won! The attempt to obstruct the demonstration has collapsed. More
than 2,000 people sent letters to the Virginia Attorney General and people
everywhere expressed their outrage that Virginia would attempt to create
barriers preventing demonstrators from marching to the Pentagon.²
A week earlier, after a long effort, ANSWER obtained permits for an opening
rally in Constitution Gardens on The Mall near the Reflecting Pool, the
march over Arlington Memorial Bridge to the Pentagon, and then for the rally
in the very shadow of the war machine.
The list of endorsers of the March 17 protest is continuing to grow.  The
latest large coalition to join the event is the World Can¹t Wait, which is
also organizing buses. The protest has attracted 1500 endorsers, including
national and local organizations. The Troops Out Now Coalition, which is
organizing an encampment near the Capitol beginning March 12, is also an
endorser, among many others.
Even the United for Peace and Justice coalition, which has been trying to
marginalize the anti-imperialist ANSWER coalition and to minimize the
Pentagon protest by calling for local protests on March 17 and a rally in
New York City the next day, now says it will soon ³encourage² attendance at
the Pentagon protest. This obviously reluctant gesture appears to be in
response to calls from a number of antiwar individuals and groups. In a
message yesterday to members of the UFPJ coalition, the organization¹s
national coordinator stated: ³We want you to know that this does not mean
UFPJ has endorsed² the event ³and it certainly does not mean that we have
changed our own call for local, decentralized actions all around the country
to mark the 4th anniversary.²
In addition to Clark and Sheehan, the March on the Pentagon speakers list
includes: Howard Zinn, author, ³A People's History of the United States²;
Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia); Malik Rahim, founder of Common Ground
Collective²; Melida and Carlos Arrendando, whose son and stepson was killed
in Iraq; Mahdi Bray, executive director of Muslim American Society Freedom
Foundation; Leonard Weinglass, civil rights attorney; Jonathan W. Hutto Sr.,
Navy Petty Officer Third Class, co-founder Appeal for Redress; Liam Madden,
former Sgt. USMC, Appeal for Redress; Anita Dennis, organizer with Courage
to Resist, Military Families Speak Out member; Debra Sweet, national
coordinator, World Can't Wait; and Brian Becker, ANSWER national
coordinator, among others.
The new impeachment coalition so far includes: After Downing Street,
Backbone Campaign; Campus Antiwar Network; Center for Constitutional Rights;
Citizens Impeachment Commission; CODE PINK Women for Peace; Constitution
Summer; Consumers for Peace; Democrats.com; Democracy Rising; Gold Star
Families for Peace; Green Party of the United States; Hip Hop Caucus;
Impeach the President; ImpeachBush.org; MichaelMoore.com; Military Free
Zone; National Lawyers Guild; Patriotic; Response to Renegade Government;
Progressive Democrats of America; Independent; Progressive Politics Network;
Velvet Revolution; World Can't Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime.
Impeach07 declared in a Feb. 22 statement:
³A growing network of organizations and individuals has launched a new
campaign to pursue the immediate impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney
through widespread public protest, creative dissent, media activism,
education, and coordinated lobbying. Members of the Impeach07 campaign
believe that Bush and Cheney have committed high crimes and misdemeanors,
including - among many others - misleading the nation into an aggressive
war, spying in open violation of the law, and sanctioning the use of
torture. The campaign is demanding that Congress Members hold Cheney and
Bush accountable through the Constitutional remedy of impeachment.²
³Impeach07 exists to organize people throughout the U.S. to demand that
Congress impeach. Newsweek reported in October that a majority of Americans
favor impeachment, and in January that 58% said they wished the Bush
administration were over. Impeach07 will draw on this energy to mobilize
people from all walks of life. As Howard Zinn, noted historian, has said,
ŒOnly a great popular upheaval can push both Republicans and Democrats into
compliance with the national will.¹Š.
³On March 17, the anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, Impeach07 will
mobilize for a march on the Pentagon to demand: ŒEnd the War and Impeach
Bush Now!¹ Throughout the spring, Impeach07 will spread across the country
through a variety of projects. April 28 will be a nationwide day of protest
in towns and cities across the country. Preparations have begun for a
massive outpouring of creative dissent including rallies, concerts, public
forums, street theater, and more.²Š.
For information on the March 17 Pentagon action, see:
http://www.answercoalition.org/ or
For more information see the campaign website at http://www.impeach07.org.

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