[Marxism] The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States

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Mon Oct 1 01:25:49 MDT 2007

Paula writes:

"And what we're seeing in the Middle East right now is not necessarily  just 
a conflict over what's going on in Iraq or about Iran's nuclear  program. 
This is a conflict that, at the end of the day, is about two  powerhouses in 
the region, and it's a conflict about hegemony, for lack of a  better word.

"And these type of shifts, with the United States currently  declining and 
finding itself in a more and more difficult situation in Iraq  and with Iran 
finding itself in a stronger position and acting very, very  confidently, 

The tenor of this analysis is insidious in the extreme. It attempts to  posit 
the notion that what we are dealing with are two nations of equal power.  We 
are not. We are talking about a global empire going all out to control the  
word's energy supplies and a nation, Iran, located next door to a country that  
has been decimated by almost 20 years of sanctions, bombing, and occupation in 
 the process. Imagine if Iran had done the same to Mexico. Imagine if Iran 
had  umpteen aircraft carriers, cruisers, and battleships permanently stationed 
of  the coast of California. Imagine if Iran had surrounded the US with troops 
and  aircraft, stationed in neighbouring countries. No there is no parity 
between  Iran and the US. Iran is explicitly NOT a hegemonic power. Thus far it 
has not  revealed, either through word or deed, any territorial ambitions 
vis-a-vis its  neighbours, much less on nations and economies the world over as is 
the case  with the US. Iran is a nation with long experience of imperialist 
domination and  western colonialism. The coup in 1953 and the decades of brutal 
rule under the  Shah has taught them all they need to know about the 
machinations of the US and  the West. Consequently, Iran has the absolute right to 
develop nuclear weapons,  to engage with Russia and China, to seek allies wherever 
she can find them  against US aggression and hegemony. 
There is no moral equivalence between an oppressed and an oppressor  nation.


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