[Marxism] The Situation In Iraq

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Mon Oct 1 01:36:30 MDT 2007

I received the following message from somebody who'd  obviously served in 
Iraq recently. have pasted my reply  below.
Original Message:
As long as you appreciate that we signed a contract,  and can't (or in my 
case couldn't) choose where it is we go to do our jobs. And  I went out there to 
make sure I could give the guys the Medical support they  needed.
No, we might not agree with the principles of the situation, nor how  it has 
degenerated, but they are still out there to protect innocent civilians,  to 
try to Police dangerous areas and as long as you are demonstrating to get  them 
out of those God-forsaken shitholes of countries at the receiving end of  
merciless money/power-seeking merchants then you are ok in my  books.
no i do not support the troops, not one bit. not while they are  engaged in 
an illegal, savage and imperialist occupation of a sovereign country.  they are 
not there for the good of the iraqi people, they are there for the good  of 
the ruling class and the corporations that are in the process of raping and  
pillaging the resources of that country. that they have signed a contract does  
not absolve them from their obligations as human beings, and it is as human  
beings that they should refuse to obey orders and arrest their officers. those  
troops with the courage to do that are the troops that i support. you were  
providing medical care for the troops, what about the iraqis? were you 
providing  medical treatment for them? their country has been decimated after, first, 
13  years of sanctions and now, latterly, this despicable occupation. no, 
sorry, i  do not support the troops.

i support the  resistance!  


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