[Marxism] Has Ahmadinejad ever read Kinsey?

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 08:18:24 MDT 2007

Paula, I agree my truces with the enemy only. You are not my enemy.
But I believe that this idea that you will seek for the information
demonstrating that Iran extracts extra surplus value from this or that
country is a direct influence of our common enenmy on you. It is a
battle that goes on in your own brain, and you haven´t won yet. Which
does not mean you cannot win. But while you don´t, someone on this
list, not always me, will keep pointing out the pitfalls in your way
to deal with this issue. Because at the bottomn of those pitfalls,
yes, is the enemy lurking and waiting. And there is no truce with
imperialism. Ask the Soviet Union.

2007/10/1, Paula <Paula_cerni at msn.com>:
> Nestor asked:
> > Could you please what countries does Iran extract extra surplus value
> > from?
> Thank you, Nestor. This is a far more constructive approach. Let's hope the
> 'truce' lasts a long time!
> I will look for the information and get back to you.
> Paula
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