[Marxism] The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States

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Mon Oct 1 14:21:11 MDT 2007

Paula writes:
If Belgium and New Zealand are 
imperialist, why not Iran? Or is it only  the white nations that need apply 
for the position?

Imperialism is not a label applied to nations in order to support an  apriori 
position arrived at in order to suit principles applied to an  investigation 
rather than extrapolated from that investigation. You mention  dialectics 
later in your post, well please explain in concrete  material and dialectical 
terms how on earth Iran can be described as an  imperialist power at this time? It 
has no economic or territorial control over  any other nation. It does not 
have troops, naval ships or aircraft operating  outside its own territory.
The entire basis of your analysis is that Iran COULD become an  imperialist 
power. Well, I could become a woman if I went ahead and had  the surgery and 
undertook the requisite hormone treatment. But until I do I  remain a man. 
Marxists must remain focused on concrete, objective material  conditions and not 
hypotheticals such as you promulgate vis-a-vis Iran.
Finally, there is a moral component to Marxism. At its core it is  about 
ending the exploitation of man by man. Imperialism, the exploitation  of nations 
by other nations, is an extension of the immorality  implicit in such 


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