[Marxism] A protest in suits movement

David Picón Álvarez david at miradoiro.com
Mon Oct 1 12:00:40 MDT 2007

From: "Lüko Willms" <lueko.willms at t-online.de>
" I'd say simply: when I want to talk politics with somebody, I do not
want him to see my clothing as more interesting than my political ideas.

 In other words: I want to move away any obstacle to the communication
of political ideas. "

In principle, I entirely agree with you. What clothing people wear or do not 
wear has nothing to do with the soundness of their arguments. That said, you 
might consider that standing on this principle might be in itself an 
obstacle to communicating political ideas. Many people are not politically 
active and do not understand much about politics or the economy. For this 
people, judging your arguments on merit alone might not be so easy: after 
all, any intelligent person can construct decent verbal arguments that will 
seem sound to an uninformed person, and a protest is not the time to tell 
people to read Capital, or to try to do mathematical proofs, which most 
people seem unable (or unwilling) to follow anyway. So people have to use 
all kinds of external, spureous markers to judge whether you're saying 
something sensible or not. Sadly, one of these markers is the way you dress. 
It shouldn't be, but it is.


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