[Marxism] The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 14:26:18 MDT 2007

2007/10/1, Paula <Paula_cerni at msn.com>:
> J writes (and I'm sure Nestor agrees):
> > The tenor of this analysis is insidious in the extreme. It attempts to
> > posit
> > the notion that what we are dealing with are two nations of equal power.

In fact, I didn't agree, nor disagree. I had simply not read the posting.

People may have more important (not to say appealing) things to do
than debating with Paula.

However, since I learnt that my name had been mentioned, I found
myself compelled to throw my dime to the Fountain. Allow me, then, to
go back to ABC so that Paula can make a better use of the intellectual
tools she is trying to master.

As a triumphal and final clarion call, Paula explains us that
"Everything changes, with time  oppressors may become oppressed, and
vice versa". She must believe that this piece of vulgar and weak
"thought" is Marxism at its best. Well, it isn't.

It isn't if we don't add "through struggle, conflict and/or revolution".

I hope Paula will now explain us when it was that a revolution,
struggle or conflict took place that put Iran on the same standing (or
even as an oppresor's standing) as against Belgium. It is not a matter
of size. An average adult human being can be, say between 5 and 7 feet
tall. All of them are human. The fact that a gorilla's height can fall
within that range does not make the gorilla human, however.
Qualitative issues matter.

That great dialectician, Abraham Lincoln, explained that "freedom for
the sheep is the most unbearable dictatorship for the wolf". Could
Paula tell us when is it that Iran became a wolf (and, if possible,
Belgium a sheep).

Ah, and the day Belgium and Iran ally on equal standing against the
United States of America (or Iran and US against Belgium) then history
will have proven me wrong. But I am afraid that the cactuses at
Coyoacán Trotsky loved so much will sing the International long before
such a thing happens.

Up to that moment, dear Paula tries to use a liberatory tool, Marxism,
in order to support "from the Left" the actions of oppression, that is
US imperialism.

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