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XXXI Indian Social Science Congress: Invite for
Papers: Call for Participation

 Multidisciplinary Thematic Research Committee on
`Conflicts, War, Peace and Social Security in
Globalised World'

XXXI Indian Social Science Congress

Multidisciplinary Thematic Research Committee on
`Conflicts, War, Peace and Social Security in
Globalised World'.

Invitation for submission of papers


The XXXI Indian Social Science Congress is taking
place under the aegis of the Indian Academy of Social
Sciences, in Mumbai during 27-31 December hosted by
the SNDT University and the Ambedkar Institute of
Social and Economic Change. The Mumbai University is
the co-host. It would expectedly have a large
gathering of the academic, and activists including
highly eminent ones from the country and abroad.

The major objectives of the ISSC are to discover,
develop and disseminate a new scientific knowledge
relevant to creating a new democratic global society
free from hunger, poverty, literacy, unemployment and
violence of any sort and where all men, women and
children, without any discrimination, would be able to
enjoy quality life and live in tranquillity and
harmony with Nature and Society. Accordingly,
intra-inter-and-multidisciplinary appraisals and
interactive dialogues among the scientists of all
branches of science is the central feature of Indian
Social Science Congress. The Multidisciplinary
Thematic Research Committee on `Conflicts, War, Peace
and Social Security in Globalised World' (hereafter,
Multidisciplinary Peace Committee, or MPC) is one of
the 34 multi-disciplinary committees constituted to
facilitate this process of dialogue and appraisals.

The MPC has great pleasure in inviting both academics
and activists to submit significant findings of
original research work for presentation under any of
the following sub-themes during the Congress.

I.                    Threats to Global Peace and
Strategies to Counter: This would include, inter alia,
the role of the US imperialism in today's world with
specific reference to its ongoing project for
unilateral global domination by specifically
foregrounding its awesome military might including its
nuclear arsenal to make up for the inadequacies of and
supplement its otherwise huge economic prowess and
political/diplomatic clout. And also the various
strand of popular resistances including in West Asia,
Latin America and anti-nuke peace movements. This
could also include any other relevant topics.

II.                 Dimensions of South Asian Regional
Conflicts and the Roads Ahead: This would include,
inter alia, the role of India, in particular, in
relationship with its neighbouring smaller states and
popular aspirations and endeavours for a peaceful and
equitable South Asia. The Indo-Pakistan conflicts,
arms race and resultant nuclear threats, the Kashmir
issue should constitute some of the major focal
points. This could also include any other relevant

III.               Social and Political Conflicts in
India and Popular Resistances: This would include
ethnic, linguistic, religious, caste, gender, class
and any such other conflicts and related struggles for
a more just and democratic order in India.

The work will be considered for presentation in both
Oral and  Poster Sessions.

A. Abstract

   1. The abstract of the work proposed to be
presented may be considered for oral or poster
presentation. The Designated Committee would determine
the mode of presentation. However, the author may
indicate their choice for the same.
   2. The author(s) is required to submit an abstract
latest by October 31 2007 through e-mail addressed to 
"Sukla Sen" sukla.sen at ... with copies to (i) "Dr. N P
Chaubey" isssald at ... and (ii) varsharb at ... of the
paper they intend to present. The abstract, if
selected by a designated committee, will be published
as a part of the Congress papers. The selected
abstract should be typed according to the instructions
given and the hard copy sent, Preferably along with a
floppy / CD containing the text, on or before 15th
November 2007 to the Coordinator, MPC: Ms Varsha Rajan
Berry, Research Associate, Focus on the Global South,
India, A-201, Kailash Apartments, Juhu Church Road,
Juhu, Mumbai - 400 049. India 
      Tel: +91-22-5582 1141 /51 
      Telefax: +91-22-2625 4347 

A confirmation by e-mail, along with the text of the
finalised abstract in the form of attachment, would
also be sent to the above-cited three addressees.

The text of the selected abstract should be typed in
Times New Roman using font size of 12 with title in
bold. The title should be followed by name and short
address of the author (s). An asterisk should indicate
the name and email ID of the 'Presenting Author'.

   3. The abstract should not exceed 500 words and
should conform to the following format- a brief
introduction to the topic, correlation with any of the
sub-themes (I, II or III) as  listed above, discussion
and conclusion or summary of the results.
   4. The author(s) of accepted abstracts will submit
finalised abstracts as advised.
   5. Each author is allowed to present only one paper
in any of the Sessions. However s/he can be a
co-author for more than one paper.

B. Oral Presentation

1. Each participant would be given 10-12 minutes for
presentation of paper.

2. An overhead projector, LCD projector and a screen
will be made available at the venue.

3. It is the responsibility of the presenting author
to check the technical compatibility of their
presentations with the available instruments.

C. Poster Presentation

   1. The area available for poster will be about 1.2
meter wide by 1.0 meter height.
   2. The title of the poster should cover the full
width of the poster. The title should be brief,
informative and written in bold letters. Names of the
authors and address(es) should be written below the
title in small letters. The name of the presenting
author should be underlined.
   3. The size of letter should be such that a viewer
can read it from a 2-meter distance. The message
should be clear and understandable without oral

D. General

1. Deadline

No abstract/s shall be considered if received after
31st October 2007.

2. Originality of work

The presenting authors are requested to submit the
work only if

   1. It has not been presented earlier.
   2. The total work or any part thereof has not been
published in any form of any journal.
   3. They should withdraw the paper if it is
published between the time of submission and the
presentation at the Congress.
   4. The author(s) to make a formal declaration to
the effect that the paper is based on original
research by the author(s) and being exclusively
submitted to the Indian Academy of Social Sciences for
its XXI Indian Social Science Congress and also that
the paper was not presented/published before, nor
under publication, nor would be published in future
without obtaining permission from the Academy.

3. Registration for Congress
Presentation of the paper is restricted to the author
or one of the co-authors named in the abstract who has
registered for attending XXXI Indian Social Science
Congress. The MPC will not entertain any application
for registration for XXXI Indian Social Science
Congress. For registration details, please see the
registration form available at
www.issaindia.org or

or write to: <Indianacademy Socialsciences
<issaald at ...>.

E. Evaluation and Suitability

The designated committee shall decide the suitability
for presentation after considering the grade awarded
by the expert committee, comprising eminent experts,
under the supervision of the designated committee. The
decisions of the designated committee shall be final
and binding on all.

F. Acceptance / Rejection

Authors of accepted abstracts will be informed by
email and no correspondence shall be made for rejected
abstracts. One author can make only one presentation.

G. Procedure

   1. Authors should submit their abstracts strictly
as per format - otherwise their abstracts would be
liable for rejection.
   2. They must indicate the section in which they
want to present their paper; otherwise the referee's
decision would be final.
   3. They should indicate name of the presenting
author, qualification/experience and her/his address
for correspondence in the abstract presenter
registration form. 

I. Publications of abstracts

All accepted abstracts will be published in the
Congress papers.

Check List for Submission of Research Papers

   1. Abstract in prescribed format,
   2. Presenting Author should be registered for the
congress (Send copy of your registration receipt). If
not, they should apply for registration and enclose a
photocopy of the same.
   3. Abstracts will be published only if the
presenter is registered for the Congress by November
15 2007.

Note: Each abstract should be sent separately, name of
the Multi-disciplinary Thematic Research Committee,
and sub-theme, clearly specified.

Registration Fees/Norms

      It is imperative for every one to pay the
registration fee as stated below for attending the
XXXI Indian Social Science Congress:  
Category 	Up to November 15, 2007 	From November 16,
Member-Delegate 	Rs. 1000.00 	Rs. 1200.00
Non-Member Delegate 	Rs. 1400.00 	Rs. 1600.00
Institutional Member Delegates (three) 	Rs. 3000.00 
Rs. 3500.00
Non-Member Institutional Delegates (three) 	Rs.
5000.00 	Rs. 6000.00
Local Delegates 	Rs.   600.00 	Rs.   650.00
Student Delegates 	Rs.   800.00 	Rs.   900.00
Foreign Delegates 	$      200.00 	$     250.00
Foreign Delegate from Afro-Asian-Latin-American
Countries 	Rs. 1500.00 	Rs. 2000.00
Accompanying person 	Rs.   600.00 	Rs.   800.00

      An institution/organization can depute its three
or more representatives at the Indian Social Science
Congress. In the event of more than three
representatives, the cost of registration for
individual delegate (member or non member) shall be
payable by the concerned institution/organization.  

      The word  `accompanying person' means wife or
husband or child. A child below the age of 6 years
shall not be charged for food.  

      Non-registered scholars shall be required to buy
the food coupon from the counter. No certificate shall
be issued to non-registered scholar or scholars who
have registered without submitting any papers. 

      The Registered delegate is entitled to receive
all publications of the XXXI Indian Social Science
Congress including its proceedings free of cost, free
hostel accommodation, free meals, free transport from
Railway station to the place of accommodation at SNDT
Women's University, Mumbai and from hostel to the
venue, banquets and cultural programmes. However,
delegates staying in hotels or on their own shall not
be entitled for free transport. Local registered
delegates will be entitled for kitbags, free lunch,
day tea/coffee and banquets only. Free Breakfast,
lunch, day tea and dinner will be available to
registered delegates with effect from morning of
December 27 to the evening of December 31, 2006 only. 

      The registration fee should be sent to the
General Secretary, Indian Academy of Social Sciences
by an account payee DD in favour of Indian Academy of
Social sciences payable at Allahabad under registered
cover. Outstation cheque or money order will not be

      Although on the spot registration will be made,
yet the Organizing Committee is not bound to provide
hostel accommodation to such delegates if the
accommodation is not available. It is, therefore,
advisable to get registered within the stipulated time
in order to avoid last minutes inconvenience. 

      The invited scholars and members of the
Executive Council, Organising Committee and other
bodies and special invitees are advised to pay the
registration fee within the stipulated time and claim
its reimbursement along with or without their TA bills
as intimated by the General Secretary, Indian Academy
of Social Sciences. 

      Refund of the registration fee will be made
after deducting 40% as the service charges if the
request for it is received before December 15, 2007.
Literature of the XXXI ISSC, however, shall not be
supplied in such cases. Those who have registered but
are not able to attend the XXXI ISSC because of
unavoidable reasons would be supplied all the
publications if their request for refund is not
received or if they do not wish refund.  

      In the event of more than one author of a paper,
all will be required to pay the registration fee

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