[Marxism] The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States

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An old book written by a conservative black who visited
South Africa in the 1970's is "Honorary White", by
E. Braithwaite. He was so temporarily upgraded during
his visit there, but if I remember rightly -- I read the 
book last a long time ago -- his visit was not much more
pleasant for it.
Never having had the pleasure of directly experiencing
those laws, others here are more qualified to talk about 
the ins and outs of the byzantine classification system that
operated in that time. But I do know, it gave enough room
to the authorities to oppress Chinese born in South Africa
while Taiwanese with whom RSA had close business
and diplomatic dealings were "honorary whites" when
they visited the country, as were Japanese.
Probably these exceptions to the rules just reflect the
reality that the system of overt racial hierarchies, which
were enforced with a more brutal uniformity before WW2,
became a redundant encumbrance to capitalism globally
not long after the National Party came to power in 1949.
Lajany Otum

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Well, the South African who explained me the issue, some 35 years ago,
did not mention the "finesse". I was quite amazed at his explanation,
and though I cannot repeat it in all the details, the general account
still stands in my brain.

His point was that the color code was a "civilization code", where
"white" was not a Nazi racist construct, but rather a "cultural"
construct (we might say today). Darker colored people could, through
effort, become "white". The Japanese were the example he mentioned.

This might well mean that for those supporting Apartheid (this man was
one of them), the "honorary" definition did not count with Japanese.

The argument began with how did South Africa consider Jews, given the
fact that not many NorthWestern Europeans would call them "white" too
easily, not before Hitler at least. He said something like "this
certainly applied" for Jews, like he and me: by running Zionism and
migrating to Israel we would make ourselves "white", or something on
that line. Other Jews, one guesses, were less "white"... Particularly
the Jews at the Warsaw Ghetto, methinks.

But of course you know better, Lajany. Thank you for the information.

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