[Marxism] China: a Successful 58th Anniversary (Prensa Latina)

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Tue Oct 2 09:52:30 MDT 2007

>Walter Lippmann wrote:

>...Some people...even think that China's
>imperialist, though there are no Chinese conquering armies anywhere on
>earth outside of Chinese national territory...

Whether or not China should be called "imperialist" depends only on
how one chooses among the many possible definitions of the word
"imperialist' (including whatever definition the Maoist-Stalinists
were using when they called the Brezhnevist-Stalinists "imperialists").
But to deny that China is *colonialist* because the "Chinese 
conquering armies" occupying the colonized country of *Tibet* are on 
"Chinese national territory" is  not only to insult the truth, it is 
to describe China as
*imperialist* in the most literal possible sense--the Chinese claim to
the Tibetans' lands rest exclusively on the claim of the Chinese Empire.
Only someone who believes that Hebron and Ramallah are part of
"Jewish National Territory" will give the slightest credence to such a claim.

Shane Mage

"Thunderbolt steers all things...It consents and does not
consent to be called 

Herakleitos of Ephesos

>The clear facts of radical
>economic growth (not omitting the many attendant ecological problems)
>have caused a lot of worry among the imperialists who don't like China
>competing with Washington, France, the UK and the other imperialists.
>Some among the populations of the capitalist countries seem to have got
>into a "misery loves company" mode. To them, since they live under the
>misery of capitalism (though most are doing pretty well economically)
>China should be dragged down into the same ugly swamp. One can spend
>a lot of time arguing over over how many angels can fit on the head of
>a pin. And some people, especially those among us with a Trotskyist
>ideological heritage, love to fulminate over the class nature of the
>Chinese state. It's like arguing over how many angels can go through
>the eye of a needle. It's of course an absurd form of navel-gazing.
>Real capitalist states have come into existence since the fall of the
>Soviet Union in the former components of the USSR, and in the former
>workers states of Eastern Europe. Could that happen in China as well?
>Yes, that possibility remains. I tend to agree with the theoretical
>arguments about these matters made by the Grant-Woods tendency and
>the U.S. Socialist Workers Party, but I really don't find any of it
>very useful because, whatever LABEL is pasted on to China today, it
>will have nothing to do with what socialists do in the capitalist
>world outside of China. Generally speaking, those who favor calling
>China "capitalist", "bureaucratically-deformed" or "state capitalist",
>all tend to mostly attack what the Chinese government does in the
>foreign policy arena. Those like the CPUSA tend to look much more
>favorably at China's place in the world. On that, I tend to agree
>with what Gerald Horne and the CPUSA writes.
>Those who call China capitalist today, or bureaucratically deformed,
>or state capitalist, were gainst China before, when they called it
>Stalinist. Some still say China is Stalinist, and they're still
>against China today, whether or not they they slap a different
>label on it. So what's consistent over time is their opposition to
>whatever it is that China did before or does in today's world and
>this is what some consider to be examples of "independent thinking".
>The Chinese Communist Party is using an extreme form of opening up
>the country to foreign private investment, and to the privatization
>of large segments of the industrial base of the country. Meanwhile,
>the Communist Party remains in charge of society and no parties with
>an openly-capitalist ideology are permitted. It's a strange form of
>capitalism which calls itself Communist. Many of the best comments on
>China come from Political Affairs, the theoretical magazine of the
>Communist Party, USA, and have been written by Gerald Horne.
>As I've pointed out repeatedly, I'm not a member of any of the left
>parties which now exist beyond being registered in the California
>Peace and Freedom Party. The various self-declared vanguard parties
>all seem to have an obligation to have an answer for every question
>under the sun. Not being a member of any of these kinds of groupings,
>I'm mercifully free of such requirements. But that's what I really do
>personally think. It's my idea of independent thinking. What's going
>on in China today is something new and different from what has been
>seen or done in the past. That's why I find it a waste of time to
>try to force today's Chinese reality into yesterday's vocabulary.
>OK, so I'm eclectic and don't have all the answers. Sue me.
>Walter Lippmann
>Los Angeles, California
>FIDEL on the 50TH anniversary of the Chinese Revolution
>China: a Successful 58th Anniversary
>Beijing, Oct 1 (Prensa Latina) The People's Republic of China marks
>the 58th founding anniversary Monday, with economic and social
>indicators never dreamt of in that country..
>China, a predominantly feudal country in 1949 when the Mao Zedong-led
>forces won, is about to surpass Germany and become the world's third
>largest economy, after the US and Japan.
>The figures speak by themselves: annual growth rate has been
>exceeding 10 percent for many years, individual income surpasses
>2,000 dollars annually, and foreign currency reserves are nearly 1.40
>trillion dollars.
>In the last years, its growth has more than doubled the economic
>average of the rest of the world, the highest in the country's
>On the occasion of the foundation anniversary, Chinese Prime Minister
>Wen Jiabao said Sunday they are on the course of building socialism
>with Chinese characteristics, for China's rejuvenation, development,
>and prosperity.
>He also said the country will maintain its peaceful development, as
>well as its opening policy to preserve world peace and achieve common
>News > September 19, 2007
>AFRICOM: Round One in a New Cold War?
>Two dozen military bases in Africa will help the United States compete
>or influence with China in the otherwise forgotten continent
>By Christopher Moraff
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