[Marxism] New Scrutiny on Google

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Oct 2 09:58:23 MDT 2007

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> THE NATION (excerpt)
> New Scrutiny on Google
> So far, Google and the rest of the largest players in the interactive
> advertising business have avoided the critical scrutiny necessary so
> the public can be informed to begin asking such questions

i would love to see Joaquin do an essay on the current machinations of
google, Microsoft, Intel, et al. There is multi-multi-billions of
dollars in cash in these companies, moving into communication'
infrastructure, advertising, entertainment and so forth. are yesterday's
railroad (mainly) men today's Gates and Brin?  it might be interesting
to see how the leading edge of US capital has changed its face over 100+
years time. How do these industries and their leaders, push policies
relevant to our interest in US imperialism? or, for all their cash, its
still "oil and gas stupid"?


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