[Marxism] China: a Successful 58th Anniversary (Prensa Latina)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Oct 2 07:04:00 MDT 2007

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> As I've pointed out repeatedly, I'm not a member of any of the left
> parties which now exist beyond being registered in the California
> Peace and Freedom Party. The various self-declared vanguard parties
> all seem to have an obligation to have an answer for every question
> under the sun. Not being a member of any of these kinds of groupings,
> I'm mercifully free of such requirements. But that's what I really do 
> personally think. It's my idea of independent thinking. What's going
> on in China today is something new and different from what has been
> seen or done in the past. That's why I find it a waste of time to 
> try to force today's Chinese reality into yesterday's vocabulary.
> OK, so I'm eclectic and don't have all the answers. Sue me.

For people trying to understand Walter's peculiar political evolution, 
it should be understood that the Cuba Solidarity milieu in Los Angeles 
is dominated by people who have spent many years in the CPUSA, according 
to somebody who lives in LA, who is familiar with the political terrain 
and whose word I have full confidence in. Even if these folks are no 
longer members, they still retain much of the ideology.

In leaving Trotskyism behind, Walter retains many of the bad habits 
associated with "Marxist-Leninist" sects--most particularly the need to 
proselytize. In extreme cases, such people feel vindicated when they are 
told that their ideas are idiotic. For example, Yoshie Furuhashi, who 
floods over 5 mailing lists each day with pro-Ahmadinejad propaganda, is 
  constantly being reviled. She has internalized the negative reaction 
as a sign that she is doing something right, like St. John the Baptist 
announcing the arrival of the Messiah.

I have a totally different idea about how the Internet should be used, 
based on my experience on the mailing lists that preceded this one. Your 
best bet is to write things that people feel persuasive. If you write 
something that people react to like Cod Liver Oil, it is best to examine 
your own ideas as the source of the problem rather than other peoples' 

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