[Marxism] October 27th demos

Paula Paula_cerni at msn.com
Tue Oct 2 15:51:37 MDT 2007

David wrote:

>7. The fact that my posts about the unity of the movement in practice
> have elicited almost no response from anyone on this list is quite
> disheartening

Please don't be too disheartened. I for one agree with you, especially where 
you say:

> 5. People are not stupid. How can an antiwar movement that cannot even
> agree on a common time, place, date and basic idea for a demonstration
> possibly hope to effect world politics? My answer: it can't, and that's
> among the reasons that people have stayed away from antiwar
> demonstrations in droves ever since.

I don't always respond to postings I agree with (quite the opposite). But I 
do always appreciate intelligent and well-written contributions from people 
who obviously have a sense of what is relevant and what is not.

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