[Marxism] China: a Successful 58th Anniversary (Prensa Latina)

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Tue Oct 2 20:25:04 MDT 2007

Dear Néstor,
>" ...As to your
>>  The universal justification of every colonial power throughout
>  > history--the (fill in the blank) must be colonized because they
>  > cannot exist as an independent nation in the current world
>Yes, and also..."

Good.  Now that you have admitted explicitly that the *realpolitik*
justification for Chinese rule over Tibet is an entirely colonialist one,
and, implicity, that the jurisprudential justification for Chinese
colonial rule over Tibet has exactly the same validity as the Zionist
justification for Israeli colonial rule over Palestine, only one tiny
question remains:

Under your own definition of the word, which deserves more to be
called "imperialist"
--the Tibetan peasant who hides a picture of her national and
     spiritual leader in her bedroom closet
--the Chinese soldier or policeman who searches her house, finds the
     picture, beats and imprisons her?

Shane Mage

"This cosmos did none of gods or men make, but it always was and is 
and shall be: an everlasting fire, kindling in measures and going out 
in measures."

Herakleitos of Ephesos, fr. 30

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