[Marxism] Che Guevara's Death Anniversary Highlighted in France

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 3 11:57:30 MDT 2007

Che Guevara's Death Anniversary Highlighted in France

La Habana, 3 oct (AIN) Conferences, rallies and broad media coverage
has received the figure of Cuban-Argentinean guerilla fighter Che
Guevara in occasion the 40th anniversary of his murder in Bolivia on
October 8, 1967.

The homage began with the annual fair of the French Communist Party
daily L'Humanite, the visit to Paris of Che's daughter Aleida, and an
82-page special issue of the magazine Viva Guevara, reports PL news

It includes a poster and a DVD with the 1987 documentary film
Parlez-moi du Che (Tell Me About Che) by actor Pierre Richard and
Jean Cormier.

L'Humanite's special edition has the lengthy editorial El Che vive
(Che Lives) by its director Patrick Le Hyaric, Che's biography and
interviews with celebrities like Brazilian Walter Salles, director of
the film Diarios de Motocicleta.

The list of interviewees includes Che's friend Alberto Granado, actor
Pierre Richard, Cuban photographer Liborio Noval, professor Fernando
Martinez Heredia and economist Samir Amin.

Also remarkable is an article by Jean Ortiz, master of conferences at
the University of Pau, France, on the fidelity and solid friendship
between Che and Fidel Castro.

The issue includes comments by Cuban General Harry Villegas (Pombo),
Che's comare-in-arms, and an open letter by Brazilian writer and
Liberation Theologist Frei Betto.

Also on the index are investigative reports on Ernesto Che Guevara
from Vallegrande, Bolivia, and analysis by Spanish-French writer and
journalist Ignacio Ramonet and Cuban economist Carlos Tablada.

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