[Marxism] The actual enemy of Winston Churchill, 1955

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Wed Oct 3 09:27:06 MDT 2007

[There is a protracted debate on both the Marxmail and the A- lists on
the progresiveness of national-democratic "regimes" (inverted commas
expected to demonize de satanization implicit in the word) in the
Third World. Whoever wants to know what did the TORYS believe about
the most paradigmatic and -when just skimming its surface- most
"antisocialist" of those regimes, that of Perón in Argentina, may well
remember what follows, by Winston Churchill himself:]

[On june 1955, the Arg Navy rose against Perón, bombing Buenos Aires
city on June 16th with a final result of at least 350 dead, 95%
civilians who were just working or visiting downtown Buenos Aires
that day at noon. Some estimates speak of more than 1,000 dead]

After this uprising, the Argentinean Navy was deprived of ammunition
and spare planes: Perón chose not to foment popular rage, however, and
he left the Navy largely intact. Thus, the service could be used for
mounting a new coup attempt, even if known to be against the
Government as well as anti-popular. The USA and the UK were more than
glad to explit this opportunity. The British, who at the time
considered Argentina a kind of "agro-exporting semi-colony", and not
especially pleased about the lack of will on the part of the
Argentinean government to forget about their debts, were especially
intolerant towards Perón. He was declared a "Nazi dictator", and
Winston Churchill – still an influential member of the British
Parliament in the early 1950s – became especially active agitating
against him. In one instance Churchill stated that, "the fall of the
tyrant Perón in Argentina is the greatest reparation of the pride of
the Empire, as important for me as the victory in the Second World
War, and the forces of the British Empire will not give him any truce,
nor will they rest in the fight against him, be he alive or dead." The
US government was foremost cooperating with the Argentinean clergy –
through an agreement with the then Pope Pius 12th.

Source: http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_538.shtml

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