[Marxism] China: a Successful 58th Anniversary (Prensa Latina)

Néstor Gorojovsky nmgoro at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 10:01:14 MDT 2007

Dear Shane, it is heavy to discuss these things with someone who
behaves as a District Attorney. Much worse, when the District Attorney
does not have a drop of sense of humor.

But don't take this as any kind of approval of your statements. Not at
all. Simply put: I have more important things to do than debating with
the D.A. on Tibet.

I only hope you will never rise to defend some "national" separatism
in Latin America like that of Eastern Bolivia, because then we shall
come to heavy blows. Even if the separatists called themselves
"Leftists" against a thug regime, I would support the regime against
those desiring to establish a direct link with the imperialist lords.

I will just make a correction to your foolish "case". See below.


2007/10/2, Shane Mage <shmage at pipeline.com>:
> Dear Néstor,
> >" ...As to your
> >>  The universal justification of every colonial power throughout
> >  > history--the (fill in the blank) must be colonized because they
> >  > cannot exist as an independent nation in the current world
> >Yes, and also..."
> Good.  Now that you have admitted explicitly that the *realpolitik*
> justification for Chinese rule over Tibet is an entirely colonialist one,

Dialectics 101, dear D.A. "Colonialism" is, as you should have known
since you are fond of quoting Heraclitus even though you can't see him
in the world around you, a struggle. Colonial sruggle implies
anticolonial struggle. The day you can demonstrate that by splintering
large units into tiny and weak "nation-states" you are fostering an
anti-colonialist struggle, your case will perhaps begin to be
reasonably argued. But you will never be able to do so.

The true name of Heraclitus was -Alexander, the Unifier and Enslaver.

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