[Marxism] Islamist, Socialist revolutions do not mix

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 3 12:06:34 MDT 2007

There are those who would like to exacerbate divisions over what
should happen in the supernatural world, when what's most important
is what real human beings do in the actual world. Who cares how many
angels can fit on the head of a needle? Such prattle is completely
idle. I'm an atheist, and, God willing, I always will be.

Remember the friendly relations which exist between Iran's Islamic
Republican government and Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua is a
good thing, not a bad thing. Such ties of friendship and solidarity
strengthen the countries of the Third World. They help strengthen
Iran which is today under the threat of a military strike by
Washington and so Iran needs all the help it can get.

While recognizing the obvious differences between the two forms of
government, socialists and Marxists ought to keep a sense of balance
and perspective, knowing what they need to prioritize. For some
people, atheism seems to be a tenet in their religion. Atheism,
however, should be seen more as a philosophical stance, and not a
political program, though if you read what passes for analysis in
some of the left press today, you wouldn't know that. There are
right-wing and left-wing atheists, and right-wing and left-wingers
who believe in religion.

Where the left forces haven't provided leadership in today's
struggles, the force of resistance finds a vehicle through which to
organize and express itself.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

They, who have persisted in maintaining the brutal Cuban blockade, for reasons
of national interest, do not pay attention to these “democratic principles”,
when, for economic reasons, they weave common action with nations with which
they have, supposedly, ideological differences. Capital unites them and thus do
ideological differences disappear.

With what authority can they question the rights of Iran or North Korea? With
what right do they question the right of these peoples to build peaceful atomic
programs? And even more! If they want to use to use it for military purposesÂ…
with what authority, with what right, do those that have been the only one, the
only state that in the history of humanity to use atomic bombs against
defenseless people, like they did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

With what authorityÂ… can they condemn the people of Iran that is working for
the development of atomic energy for peaceful purposes? The fact is that they
have already decided that it is not with peaceful purposes, and who has given
them that right? They give it themselves and they impose it on the General


Editor-in-Chief, CubaNews
writer - photographer - activist

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