[Marxism] Creeping Stalinism in Venezuela?

Darrel Furlotte darrel.furlotte at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 14:21:16 MDT 2007

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by a "creeping coup"?  Many of 
us are trying to follow events and developments in Venezuela, so you can't 
just leave us hanging on that comment! Enlightenment would be much 

> ------
> A few very quick points. Firstly, that was Ethan's title--- not the
> title of Edgardo Lander, the author. Secondly, the concerns expressed
> by Edgardo in relation to the creation of a Disciplinary Committee of
> a party that does not yet exist are concerns of many people on the
> left (as his article points out). Thirdly, my main criticism of the
> article is what it leaves out about the politics of the people
> involved. Finally, if this is a tendency, it is also important to
> note that there are countertendendencies; however, I'd say a more
> immediate concern at this time is a creeping coup (if these ever creep).
>         michael

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