[Marxism] Bush continues torture policy in secret

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Oct 4 10:34:04 MDT 2007

Louis Proyect quoted:
> It was a very different document, according to officials 
> briefed on it, an expansive endorsement of the harshest interrogation 
> techniques ever used by the Central Intelligence Agency.

i don't know much about "interrogation techniques". But i assume the
purpose of the atrocities at Guantanamo Bay has NOTHING to do with
interrogation, but is simply intended to let anyone considering
challenging US policy know that they will be tortured if captured.

you interrogate people to get specific information. the Mengels at
Guantanamo may think they are doing that, but the ruling class from
Gonzales upwards are onto something else.


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