[Marxism] Islamist, Socialist revolutions do not mix

Haines Brown brownh at hartford-hwp.com
Thu Oct 4 10:36:05 MDT 2007

> Walter,

>   Iran is an oppressive religious state that kills communists and
>   gays, If we as socialists cannot stand up against this theocracy
>   what do we stand up against??  The iranian regime is an impediment
>   to human liberation.  AND it goes without saying that we defend
>   the right of the Iranian people to defend themselves in the face
>   of imperial aggression. by what ever means they find neccessary.
>   But give no quarter to the mullahs who have been killing
>   murdering, torturing and exiling leftists for almost 30 years.
>   they are the enemy of the working class.

>   Eric

I hope that everyone read the original posting in this thread
carefully. I regret that Eric was unwilling to look at the issue more

1. The immediate conference was a fiasco for reasons that should be
   apparent from a reading of the original account. However, it should
   also make very clear that we need to distinguish carefully between
   the general issue of islamist-socialist cooperation or alliance and
   the dynamics peculiar to specific countries such as Iran and, say,

2. One needs to keep in mind the class composition of the Islamist
   movement. I don't claim any expert knowledge in this matter, but my
   impression is that Islamism crosses class lines, that very often
   the most active component is petite bourgeois, but that the vast
   majority of those who become engaged are working class (perhaps
   I've viewed "Paradise Now" too often ;-). If it is a sector of the
   working class, it must be engaged (by "engaged" I mean in
   communication, a search for common ground, mutual education,
   critical support).

3. Although an atheist myself, I can't for that reason dismiss people
   who take religion seriously. I believe we need to look deeply into
   the religious impulse (which obviously is not just a hang-over from
   a less developed past) and into the working class psyche. I believe
   we would ultimately find common ground (I'll be doing some work on
   this issue) in that there is fundamentally a great social potential
   actualized through personal aspiration and the same constraints
   upon self-realization.

       Haines Brown, KB1GRM


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