[Marxism] Islamist, Socialist revolutions do not mix

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Oct 4 10:51:22 MDT 2007

I much appreciated the efforts of Yoshie and others earlier to get us to
take a closer look at Iran.  I think the initial effort was helpful.

Over time, though, this discussion degenerates into making assertions about
Iran and the Islamic revolution that send legions of strawmen to slander
anyone who questions the revolutionary merits of the jihad and to divert
non-issues and bizarre slanders that those who disagreed with the new
insights were intolerant of religion, etc.

And, gee, I really hadn't realized that Walter and Haines agreed.

So, believing that new holy war is opposed to U.S. imperialism, should we
say that "consistent Islamism leads to socialism"?


PS: As an aside, the real lunatic fringe of the Religious Right in the
U.S.--the "Christian Reconstructionists"--are so fundamentally
anti-modernist that they want to restore the practice of stoning of
adulterers.  So, wouldn't this wipe out most of the U.S. government and
almost the entire of the capitalist class?  Just an observation....

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