[Marxism] Across the Universe Film

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Oct 4 19:59:56 MDT 2007

I would like to recomend to comrades on this list, who have some nostalgia about the 1960's, as I do - that they consider seeing the recently released film from Revolution Studios: Across the Universe.  It should be seen in the theater, on a large wide screen, to appreciate the wonderful colorful images.
Except for some errors - of its placing the October 21, 1967 Pentagon March after the Columbia University 1968 Occupation and Strike - its depiction of those in the Weathermen Townhouse Bombing - its implying that Janis Joplin was in a sexual relationship with Jimi Hendrix (Janis was a Lesbian) - and sadly not including the song: Imagine by John Lennon, it does a nice job of covering that period.
For some legal reason that I do not totally grasp, the film does not list the actual cafe's real names in New York City (Bitter End Cafe, Gaslight and Figaro Cafe) and it has SDS as SDR.  But the film still overall does very well, considering how it could have been portrayed.

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