[Marxism] Islamist, Socialist revolutions do not mix

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Oct 5 08:06:44 MDT 2007

I wrote, "the real lunatic fringe of the Religious Right in the U.S.--the
"Christian Reconstructionists"--are so fundamentally anti-modernist that
they want to restore the practice of stoning of adulterers."

In reply to this particular comment, Haines wrote, "my aim here is only to
suggest we be careful when we use terms such as 'religious right'; that we
not too quickly assume a close functional relationship between political and
religious views; that we not assume too quickly that the outlook of
religious right is lunatic, monolithic or insensitive to the contradictions
of capitalism."

Blimey!  How much more fracking "careful" could anyone be?  I described a
very specific, describing a self-defined tendency (the Christian
Reconstructionists) with self-described political and religious views as
being "the real lunatic fringe."  And Haines replies that it would be wrong
to consider all religious people are whackos...

So it goes.  One side says something very specific and particular and other
generalizes it into a strawman, then asserts that the former should avoid
careless generalizations.

Believe me, not only do I realize that all followers of Jesus are not
lunatics, but have encountered numerous followers of another bearded Jewish
thinker who have proven more as fully capable of irrationality as any

Still, everybody has to have a hobby, I suppose.

Off to work...


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