[Marxism] FRSO's "Which Way Is Left" online (finally!!!)

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 17:37:40 MDT 2007

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization has finally put online the edited
version of the central document discussed at their last Congress towards the
end of last year. A print version was released several months ago.

Despite my appreciation and friendship with these comrades, it won't
surprise anyone that I disagree with their central political conclusion and
orientation: build a revolutionary party. As I see it, it's an expression of
the voluntarism that has long dominated most of the revolutionary left in
the United States.

There's a lot more to be said about the paper, but I will leave that to
another opportunity. I just wanted to make clear that I'm just bringing this
to people's attention, not endorsing their theses.

*  *  *

Introducing Our New Strategy Document: "Which Way Is Left?"
Friday, 05 October 2007 

Since the beginning of 2007, the period since FRSO/OSCL's most recent
congress, our organization's strategy has been different from any in the
past. In the previous three-year period between FRSO/OSCL congresses
(2003-2006), the US Left faced chaotic and quickly changing political
conditions--the US war on Iraq; the US-backed invasion of Lebanon by Israel;
the devastation and displacement caused by Hurricane Katrina , with the
attendant racism and criminal negligence of the state; and the extreme
immigrant backlash leading to the mobilization and uprising of immigrants.
>From these conditions and from our continued belief in the need for greater
organization by the Left, we believe that if we truly want to build a
revolutionary movement in the United States, the Left cannot continue to
function as it has. 

To build such a movement, we must develop a real revolutionary
organization--an organized vehicle and plan for moving forward that is based
among all the oppressed. While we continue to engage and organize among
sectors such as workers, oppressed nationalities, youth and students; in the
anti-war movement; in Katrina survivor solidarity; for immigrant rights;
etc., we will do so with an eye towards building stronger relationships and
alliances among the social movements and the organized Left. 

Towards that end, our new strategy document "Which Way Is Left? Theory,
Politics, Organization and 21st-Century Socialism" gives an analysis of the
current period and the challenges we face. It details the lessons learned
from previous socialist experiments. And it argues for the crucial need to
build a revolutionary party based on these lessons that can struggle for a
socialism of the 21st century. 

That said, we want to talk to you--those engaged in the struggle against
capitalism and imperialism! We want to hear your ideas about what it is
going to take to build a stronger Left, what forms of organization are
needed, and what issues or concerns you may have about building
revolutionary organization. 

Download a PDF of "Which Way Is Left?"


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