[Marxism] a titan departs

sudhir devadas sudhir_devadas at yahoo.co.in
Sat Oct 6 03:15:32 MDT 2007

prof m n vijayan, a left intellectual who shielded the communist party of india (marxist) in kerala, from concerted onslaught by the right, through his incandescent writing and effulgent oratory, and in his later years transformed into a scalpel against ideological deviation, is no more. but his voice will resonate for the intellectual honesty, ideological committment and unblemished personal probity of a life lived out as a true communist exemplar in an increasingly neo-liberal society. collapsing in front of the cameras,in his last appearance before the media, his last words in malayalam,  were: 'sometimes we might have to court personal dishonour, for the country is greater than the individual.. (pauses to sip water, with that trademark radiant smile, continues) for bernard shaw has said that to be heard you need a strident language...' his eyes roll back and collapses.
  no religious rites were performed at his state funeral, in a society where card-carrying communists openly profess their faith in religion. 
  his legion of disciples will carry the fight forward,in establishing the communist way of life, which is more than be said, though our state is ruled by the cpi(m) led front.

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