[Marxism] Frei Betto: Che was the St Francis of politics

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Sat Oct 6 07:02:59 MDT 2007

Oct 6 2007 12:38PM   	
Che was the St Francis of politics: Priest
AFP 	Published:Oct 06, 2007


Rio De Janeiro - Forty years after Ernesto Che Guevara’s death,
Brazilian liberation theology pioneer Fray Betto called him a “St.
Francis of Politics.”

“Che was our revolutionary paradigm,” Fray Betto, a Dominican brother
whose movement dating from the 1960s encouraged Catholics to get
involved in social and political change, told AFP.

“For us, he was a St. Francis of Politics, because he walked away
from power in Cuba and starving for justice, he went off into the
jungle in Congo and then in Bolivia to try to liberate greater Latin
America,” said Betto, 63.

Fray Betto, a personal friend of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, spent four
years in prison for his links, along with other Dominican brothers,
to a leftist group that rose up in arms against the Brazilian
military government in 1964.

Guevara, the Argentine-born Cuban leftist icon, was killed October 9,
1967 in Bolivia. He will be given anniversary honours in the small
city of Santa Clara, Cuba where he led a key battle of the Cuban
Revolution and where a mausoleum has held his remains since 1997.

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