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Bush and Torture

By Dave Lindorff, October 5, 2007

President Bush says America "doesn't torture people."

He has said this before. The last time it was when Congress had been confronted with the atrocities at the US military-run Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, and was passing legislation that would outlaw torture.

That was when we learned for the first time about the president's unique and un-Constitutional practice of issuing a "signing statement" upon signing a bill into law, declaring quietly that since he is commander in chief in the so-called "war" on terror, he doesn't have to enact laws passed by Congress. He issued one of those little addenda to the torture bill, recall, in which he said he wouldn't be bound by it.

At the same time, he assured Congress and all Americans that he was repulsed by torture, and that America would never torture.

Turns out that was a flat-out lie. At the urging of über-President Dick Cheney, Bush's new Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, in 2005, wrote up a memo authorizing all the worst torture abuses-simulated drowning, slapping around and sleep deprivation, for example-which Congress had specifically banned.

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