[Marxism] On the US antiwar movement.

Pat Costello pt_costello at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 7 12:34:10 MDT 2007

Pat Costello:

UFPJ takes the tact that good media coverage
is the key to everything and for that reason puts
movie stars and politicians on the speakers
That is one of the reasons that Cindy Sheehan, Iraq
Veterans Against the War and Gold Star Families have
left UFPJ and joined ANSWER.
David McDonald responds:

Pat, you are fighting the wrong battle. Everything
about your post 
indicates that you think people should just compare
ANSWER and UfPJ and 
ANSWER's obvious political superiority will emerge.

Pat Costello responds:

No, David.  UFPJ is not the issue although I actually
agree with much that you say about UFPJ. I am
concerned with the disinformation about ANSWER in that
article. Did you read that article?

I really have no beef with you David. You are an
activist, you walk the walk. You support ANSWER more
or less. We have more in common that not. Peace,

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