[Marxism] Guevera kids in Tehran:" Islamist, Socialist Revolutions Don't Mix"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Oct 7 09:31:21 MDT 2007

dave.walters at comcast.net wrote:
> Another take on this story:
> Iran: Islamist, Socialist Revolutions Don't Mix Says Aleida Guevara
>  http://www.indymedia.ie/article/84501

Actually, this is not "another take". This is the initial article that I 
posted to the list under the heading "Islamist, Socialist Revolutions 
Don't Mix". Speaking of Islamism, I feel obligated to report that MRZine 
editor Yoshie Furuhashi has now declared that it was wrong to oppose "de 
jure discrimination" like the Jim Crow laws because:

De jure discrimination of all kinds can be abolished for working-age
adults under capitalism. Abolition of de jure discrimination brings
the spirit of capitalism closer to the pure spirit of "Freedom,
Equality, Property, and Bentham." The closer the spirit of capitalism
gets to "Freedom, Equality, Property, and Bentham," the more class
power the bourgeoisie enjoys. The working class lose class struggle by
winning culture wars . . . on capitalist terms...

What explains working-class opposition to struggles to abolish de jure
discrimination? De jure discrimination confers economic rent on those
who are not discriminated against. Its abolition intensifies
competition -- hence opposition to it. It's no secret that the
seemingly more gender-egalitarian spirit of capitalism today has been
achieved, in the case of the United States, by bringing men down as
much as bringing women up...

Therefore, leftists do ourselves no favor, for instance, by forgetting
the fact that families, for the working class, have been units of
survival in the face of, and sometimes resistance to, capital as well
as sites of gender, sexual, and other oppressions. Atomization that
destroys families destroys them as units of resistance as well as
sites of oppressions. The same applies to all other units of survival
which sometimes become units of resistance while being sites of
oppressions at the same time: trade unions, religious organizations,
political parties on the Left, formerly and actually existing
socialist states, etc...



This led Doug Henwood to opine on LBO-Talk:

You're turning into some weird hybrid of Louis Farrakhan, Thomas
Byrne Edsall, Christopher Lasch, and Todd Gitlin, all wrapped up in a
hijab. What is the point of this? We should try to recover some race-
segregated patriarchal nuclear family world because it's more
organic? Because it provides a better basis of resistance to
capitalism? We should have subordinated the fight against racism and
sexism to the class struggle, like the most idiotic of Stalinists
used to argue? (Not the CPUSA, which had a pretty good record on sex
and especially race.) What, in other words, is the point of this sermon?


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